Geoenvironmental Services

› Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
› Phase Two ESA
› In-Situ / Ex-Situ Remediation
› Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Above Storage Tank (AST) Remediation
› Risk Assessment (RA)
› Record of Site Condition (RSC)
› Surplus Soil Management
› Brownfield Restoration
› Designated Substances Survey (DSS) and Abatement Plans for Building Demolition or Renovations
› Sampling and Chemical Testing of Soil, Water, Sediment, Surface Water and Building Materials
› Environmental Baseline Studies
› Landfill Investigations and Design Support Services
› Landfill Gas and Leachate Monitoring
› Ground Water Quantity and Quality
› Soil Vapours/Gas Monitoring and Venting
› Construction Inspection, Testing and Monitoring
› Documentation of Site Remediation and Restoration Activities
› Expert Witness Testimony
› Professional Peer Review

Hydrogeological Services

› Local Scale Ground Water Assessments (Site or Well Field Specific)
› Regional Scale Ground Water Assessments (City Wide or Community Based)
› Water Supply / Septic Tile Bed Feasibility Study
› Septic Bed Design
› Hydrogeological Site Assessment Including Contaminant Hydrogeology
› Ground Water Level, Flow and Pressure
› Aquifer Testing
› Contaminant Attenuation Capacity (Nitrate/Phosphorus Mass Balance Assessment)
› Ground Water Resource Evaluation (Quantity and Quality) and Assessment of Supply (Typically to Assess Sustainability of Municipal or Private Water Services)
› Permit to Take Water (PTTW) Evaluation
› Wellhead Protection Studies (Capture Zone Delineation and Vulnerability Assessment)
› Drainage Basin Analysis (Such as Ground Water Surface Interaction, Assessment of Baseflow and Water Budget)
› Well Exploration, Installation, Development and Decommissioning
› Geophysical Assessment
› Professional Peer Review
› Ground Water Level and Quality Monitoring
› Landfill Monitoring and Reporting to Investigate the Off-Site Impact of Leachate Plumes on Ground Water and Surface Water Quality and Methane Migration on Adjacent Properties
› D4 Assessment and Hydrogeological Studies for Land Use On or Near Landfills and Dumps
› Contaminant Transport and Fate Investigations
› On Site Sewage Disposal /Septic System Investigations
› Temporary or Permanent Dewatering Design and Discharge Monitoring
› Leachate Sampling, Chemical Analysis and Monitoring
› Ground Water Supply and Resource Development
› Irrigation and Drainage Studies
› Filters, Liners, Membranes and Barriers
› Water Budget Analysis
› Infiltration Galleries