QA/QC Inspection & Testing

Excavation & Shoring

Slope stability

Slope protection


Sheet piling

Deep & Shallow Foundations

Piling and caissons

Footing subsoil

Load testing

Earthwork, Compacted Backfill & Granular Base

Materials acceptance testing

On-site inspection

Compaction control

Asphaltic Concrete Pavement

Materials acceptance testing

Mix designs

Batch plant inspection

Placement inspection

Compaction control

Testing of pavement mixtures

Cast-in-place, Pre-cast & Pre-stressed Concrete

Materials acceptance testing

Mix designs

Batch plant inspection

On-site inspection

Air void determination

Pre-cast / pre-stressed inspection during shop fabrication & field erection

Post-tensioned concrete

Chloride-ion determination

Floor flatness evaluation

Reinforcing Steel

Tensile and bend tests

Inspection during fabrication & placement

Structural Steel and Welding

Inspection during shop fabrication & field erection

Welding inspection


Materials acceptance testing

Placement inspection

Mortar and grout testing

Timber & Glulam Elements

Sampling and testing

Inspection during fabrication & erection

Building Envelope

Materials selection consulting

Roofing / Air barrier / vapour retarder

Firestopping and fireproofing

Water / dye testing of waterproofing systems

Waterproofing membrane adhesion testing

Construction Materials Engineering

Materials selection consulting


Construction procedures consulting

Failure Investigation

Design of pavement mixtures

Concrete mix design

Technical assistance for roofing & water proofing systems

Blasting & vibration control

Pre-& post-construction surveys

Condition surveys

Foundation crack monitoring

Development of QA / QC plans, manuals & procedures

Petrographics analysis

Microscopic examination

Aggregate quality assessment

Concrete durability assessment

Specialized instrumentation

Bulletin 19 inspection